Baby Stuff Yay, Nay or Eh: Boon Bubbles Bath Toy

Sam and I decided to add a new feature to this family blog. BABY STUFF: YAY, NAY OR EH! We have tried so many different bottles, products and toys because my hubby is a bit of a nerd/geek in the “stuff” department. I mean, what guy doesn’t like new stuff? As soon as we were pregnant, he started researching the best stroller, car seat, clothing (yes, he definitely had a preference in the earlier days for Magnificent Baby), bottles and everything baby under the sun. I mean, we bought, tried, returned and became best friends with the sales associates at Buy Buy Baby and Babies R Us. I always told him he should start a YouTube Channel reviewing products or a blog but he’s shy. Haha.

So, we will present to our readers the price for the item, our experiences with it and at the end of the review YAY: it is worth it or NAY: do not buy or EH: it’s ok, not great, possibly a waste of money. By the way, all opinions expressed are our personal thoughts and experiences. If we all liked the same stuff, this world would not be a functioning world. Please don’t get defensive or hurt because we don’t have the same tastes. Got it? Good! (p.s. no one is forcing you to read this) With that out of the way, I present to you our very first product review!

Boon Bubbles Bath Toy (Amazon $14.37 or Buy Buy Baby $14.99)


These caught my eye because of the cute colors. The image above is from the website but below you’ll see the true colors. These also come in a series of more boy friendly colors. Abby also loves bubbles and I thought it would be fun to have these in the tub with her. I want to make it clear that we do not buy many toys at all. From the start, Sam was very adamant about keeping toys to a minimum and buying toys for a purpose. He is anti very bright and flashy light toys. We both agreed that this could be a fun bath time toy. The bubbles come in two different sizes and they suction cup to the tub walls or even on baby’s body. You suction them on top of each other but the suction power isn’t strong. Which we totally understand because then this would not be a fun toy for baby. I see that this would become frustrating for an older toddler who would want to make something out of these bubbles. Abby really enjoyed bath time and stayed in the tub until all the water was gone (that’s a first for her). For us, it was fun but some of the suction cups on certain bubbles didn’t work well. We would start making things and the bubbles would all fall.




EH: it’s ok, not great. The concept and design are really cute. I can totally see babies who love balls and bubbles would have a blast with these in the tub because they float and semi stick together very easily.

This one is your call!