Baby Products Yay, Nay or Eh: Magnificent Baby

Doesn’t the name just sound so epic? I love it.

I must catch everyone up on a little background first. So before Abby came, hubby and I read a couple of books on parenting and what to expect when baby came. I read about the different shades of poop, colic, rashes, feeding and all the other good stuff. But no where in any of the books was the topic of “reflux” ever mentioned. Well, our eager and anxious baby decided to come out into the world 6 weeks early! We were scared but mostly excited to finally meet her and we were told of what to expect with potential complications  a preemie could have. No mention of reflux whatsoever. Right after she was born, she went straight to the NICU and stayed there for 5 days. She was on formula since I had nothing to offer her yet. The thing we found so weird was that she would literally throw up all her formula a couple times a day. The nurses stuck a tube in her just in case she could not hold down any formula. Still, no mention of reflux or GERD. Well, she proved that she could eat and gain weight so she came home. At first, everything seemed fine. Then around 6 weeks old, she developed horrible eczema, spit up/threw up all the time, choked on all her feedings, arched her back after feeding, stopped wanting to eat and became inconsolable. She could not sleep for very long and the night’s were the worst. We made an appointment and explained to the doctor everything and asked him why she was refusing to eat now. He quickly said she has reflux and it seemed pretty severe.  He prescribed medicine and we tried it but nothing changed. I honestly think it only made her even more miserable because of the awful taste. WE WERE MISERABLE AND LOST.

The hubby and I spent hours researching infant reflux and the different things we could do like elevating her crib, me starting an elimination diet, how long we could expect her to have reflux and ultimately if there were any natural ailments. One thing we did read over and over again was to not have her laying down flat. I completely agreed with this because the moment we would lay her on her back, she would spit up a decent volume within 5 seconds no matter if she had just had her meal 10 minutes ago or 2 hours ago. The stuff that came up was extremely acidic and once it came up, she would cry in pain. It was so awful. Our three lifesavers (I kid you not) were infant probiotics, Angel Care Monitor, and Magnificent Baby clothing (yes, clothing!).  Abby’s G.I. doc advised us to forget about all medication (he knew we wanted as natural as possible) and start probiotics. There is so much great info on probiotics and the benefits for babies. But I bring up Magnificent Baby because their clothing gave us a small part of our sanity back.

Magnificent Baby: Gown (Amazon $25.20 Buy Buy Baby $29.99)

Footie (Amazon $19.21-$30.00 BBB: $24.99) Burrito Onesie (Amazon $12.23-$21.99 BBB: $21.99)


While at Buy Buy Baby, a very exhausted Sam and I came upon the brand and saw the magnetic closures then we saw the price. $29.99 for a onesie gown. We freaked out at the price for 1 second, looked at each other then said to each other “why not?” That night, Abby finished her bath and the gown was open and waiting for her. We put a diaper on her and closed one magnet then like magic, everything buttoned down and she was done. Took like a second, no lie. No fiddling with zippers, snap buttons or buttons. You can never get the snaps wrong. She didn’t even have the chance to freak out or be fussy. Seriously, it was so glorious during those half-awake middle of the night feedings. So we did what any other desperate/crazy/sleep deprived parents would do: thanked the genius minds behind Magnificent Baby and bought more. Yes, the burrito onesie and a footie the next day. But don’t fret, we used our coupons! Abby wore these a couple times a week for 3 months so we definitely got our money’s worth. They are in amazing condition considering how much wear these got. Plus, the material is so soft and such great quality.



YAY (DOUBLE YAY): IT’S A WONDERFUL PRODUCT THAT WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE! F.y.i. while I was checking prices on Amazon, I saw that the Circus and Star Burrito onesie were on sale for only $12.13?!?!?!?! Largest size is 9 months for both boy and girl color ways! Such a killer deal! Since we first bought our pieces from Magnificent Baby, they have produced so many amazing prints and pieces for baby. Their bibs are also wonderful! Our only mistake was not knowing the care instructions fully (blame sleep deprivation). We actually did put them in the dryer and a couple of times they did not fully dry because the magnets stuck to the metal dryer drum. What helped us was placing them in a mesh laundry bag with other wet baby clothes and they would dry really well. Although most of their sizes only go to 9 months, they actually have a jacket with magnets that is going to fit Abby because we all know how babies and toddlers can get when trying to put bulky pieces on. I’m excited. Is it weird clothing excites me this much? Truly, it’s the little, genius things in life.

Magnificent Baby, you truly are magnificent!


3 thoughts on “Baby Products Yay, Nay or Eh: Magnificent Baby

  1. Oh wow! I have never heard of this product but it’s definitely something I need to look into for [someday] baby #2! Thanks for this great review. And PS- Abby was sooo teeny and cute!! 🙂

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