Christmas Menu

This is my first post and my very first time blogging about cooking. I have fallen in love with cooking and it’s become so fun because my hubby and I often cook together. We work so well as a team and we have the same cooking style. We love using local, fresh and organic ingredients.  We also believe that food tastes best when it’s basic without too much of the unnecessary or over-seasoning. We start at the basics and try to make everything from scratch. Although I must admit, he is much better at baking than I am :).


So, since family is coming for Christmas, I decided to start on working on a menu. My sister was overseas for Thanksgiving so I decided to make a Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner. So far on the menu:

Spiral sliced ham (naturally raised with no nitrites or nitrates)

Prime rib roast or brisket (the hubby is experimenting with a new rub so we’ll see how the brisket turns out tomorrow in his make shift smoker using the Weber grill)

Mashed potatoes/homestyle mac and cheese/green bean casserole/classic stuffing with bits of cornbread

Shrimp scampi with bucatini pasta

Oven roasted vegetables (yellow squash, zucchini, asparagus and red bell pepper)


That’s the menu so far… we’ll see how things turn out 🙂